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Over two million years ago, the Galaxy was dominated by a race of merciless warriors, the Khahaek.
They were the undisputed masters, at a time when the other civilizations that populate the planetary systems of our arm of the Galaxy did not yet exist.
But then, suddenly, the Khahaek disappeared as did almost all traces of their old civilization.
Only two archaeological ruins were left, ruins of inestimable value. These were the two Metaports which taught the Kehiti how to travel around the stars.

After fifty thousand years many cultures have spread throughout this arm of the Spiral including humans, although officially the earth is not aware of all this.

The events narrated in “Sinkha” are of our own time.
The universe that the Sinkha and the Great Corporations inhabit is our own universe. And although it boasts a several million year history it has not yet become part of the past but nor is it a vision of the future.
The earth bestowed on this, for her unknown, universe the power of the fourth biological matrix.
It is now over ten thousand years since the Kehiti, founders of the MDC, one of the biggest Corporations, first began to take human beings off the Earth as part of the preliminary operations for the execution of their great project - to support and watch over the evolution of the incipient yet promising human race. But the Kehiti’s hopes were answered by the human beings who constituted the fourth matrix in ways that were at best confusing and often none too positive.
So finally, after much deliberation, the Kehiti decided to abandon the project, a decision which was to have negative consequences for the Earth. Meanwhile the human beings who had been whisked away from their native planet were evolving and spreading throughout the Contact Zone. Today, over 30% of the population of the galactic area controlled by the MDC is of human origin, and many of these humanoids have important roles working with the Kehiti aliens.
The Earth, on the other hand was left abandoned and almost completely forgotten.

While our planet is embarking on a new millennium, the living fossils have returned to vindicate their old dominion. Not far from our world terror lurks.
Only the Immortals, the Sinkha, have the power to face the oldest and most ferocious civilization in the known universe.
However, for the Sinkha the Khahaek are not the only problem: millions of inhabited planets continue to create problems... and for Darcron’s Travelers there is no end to this strife.




The Corporations are the vast socio-economic structures into which the beings that have evolved from the 8 genematrix and who live on the planets situated in our galaxy’s external arm, after an initial period of contact, have gradually subdivided. The birth of the great Corporations is largely the result of the various pacts, scissions and occasional wars which have marked the Galaxy’s history. For over 10,000 years, despite the uneasy peace that has been maintained through hard-won treaties and detentes, the various parties still refuse to accept the idea of common social, political and economic structures. Moreover in some cases the biological differences are such as to render unworkable any notion of shared social values. There are currently five Corporations, excluding the Eyen sphere, each comprising several genetic matrices. There follows a brief description of each of the corporations while the map shows the distribution across the galaxy of the various planetary systems and star clusters of which these corporations are composed.
The Eyen sphere includes both the Sinkha and beings from all 8 genetic matrices who have attained a highly evolved status, as well as synthetic beings.
(See The Eyen Sphere)
1st Corporation
MDC - Metaport Development Corporation
(SCD - Speetris Coohr Droptok)
The largest and most powerful of the five Corporations, the MDC extends over a large portion of the Galaxy arm and includes Humans, Kehiti, Cetidi and Synthetic beings.
(See MDC)
2nd Corporation
CWC - Closed Worlds Corporation
(TDD Tyuni Darhon Droptok)

This corporation was founded by a group of Kehiti xenophobes who broke off from the MDC, unable to tolerate the presence in the corporation of earthlings. In reality it wasn’t only the earthlings whom the Kehiti group considered undesirable but also all the other genetic matrices. Indeed the only beings deemed acceptable for inclusion in the corporation were the synthetics.
3rd Corporation

This corporation is composed principally of the Escemorphs as well as other matrices which have been absorbed and genetically modified. These beings decided to form an independent corporation mainly for legal and ethical reasons.
4th Corporation
EPC - External Planet Corporation
(THD Tyuasac Hon Droptok)

This corporation was formed by the inhabitants of the outermost planets in the galaxy whose living conditions are less than ideal, thanks to their hydrocarbon-saturated atmospheres. With the exception of the Pneumopods who are indigenous to this system the inhabitants of these planets have been genetically modified to suit the environment. Thus the corporation is actually formed by a mix of genetically modified Kehiti and Humans along with the Pneumopods and Synthetics.
5th Corporation

Comprising mainly the Akxidi and the Dir-Ark, this corporation is subdivided into thousands of small regions with their own autonomous laws and social structures which can vary greatly and in some places may even be almost completely absent, resulting in a form of anarchy.



PAHARSEN - One of the artificial worlds build by the Sinkha

The word sphere is intended purely metaphorically and refers both to the strong bond that links its peoples and to the concept of a shell or protective surround, an indestructible protective surround.
Indeed from a strictly geographical perspective, Eyen appears fragmented, it’s realm stretching across the five regions governed by the Corporations to the very frontiers of the Contact Zone.

However, Eyen does have a central nucleus comprising 84 star systems, all of which are inhabited, thanks to the construction of artificial planets or the colonization of uninhabited natural planet, as well as two planets with indigenous life. One of these is the thinking planet Arahon, the origin of all the Sinkha. A further 120 planets are to be found some distance from the nucleus, and the number continues to grow, but these still lie within the Eyen sphere.

Eyen was constructed by the Sinkha as a kind of paradise whose inhabitants live a highly privileged existence, receiving countless benefits. Entering this pseudo-paradise, however, is not easy and, for individuals and entire civilizations alike, to be accepted one must have attained an extremely high degree of social and mental evolution.

The Eyen are a collection of planets and artificial worlds conceived and created by the Sinkha, a civilization of sorts, spread over the interior of the Contact Zone, where an elite group of beings belonging to all eight of the known genetic matrices bask in luxury and high privilege. The Eyen is a civilization with more than 900 billion beings. It’s open and in continuous expansion, but it’s not accessible to everyone. Only those individuals whose philosophy have exceeded a well-defined evolutionary phase are accepted.




Founded over 500 centuries ago by the Kehiti, the MDC is the largest and most open of the great corporations.
Its principal inhabitants are the Kehiti, humans and synthetic beings who, according to MDC laws, have equal rights and civic duties.
The structure of government is organized like that of a commercial business.
The law restricts the use of virtual hallucinogenics and oneiric immersion devices. Genetic engineering too is strictly regulated compared to the other corporations. Culture varies greatly from planet to planet and according to local laws which naturally must not contradict the corporate statute.
The large population of humans, both citizens and MDC governors, originally derives from Earth where, especially in the past, a considerable number of individuals of this genetic matrix were generated.
The humans brought to other planets by the Kehiti (who had always been fascinated by the human psyche) rapidly reproduced, while the aliens’ highly sophisticated medicine gradually increased their lifespan. In this way the then prehistoric humans from Earth became, in the space of the following 10,000 years, much more evolved than those actually living on the planet now.
But more importantly they continued to increase in number, with the new generations overlapping the old, whose own lifespans have come to resemble something approaching biological immortality.




By genematrix we refer to the genetic patterns which lie at the origin of sentient and evolved civilizations.

The eight known genematrix, which would appear to be the only ones present in the galaxy, are the following:
1st. Kehiti.
This was one of the first genematrices to develop and evolve and is the most significant and widespread in the galaxy. It is above all thanks to the discovery of the metaports and to the past monopolization of their management that the Kehiti have acquired enormous power. Superficially similar to human beings, their height varies according to the gravity of the planet on which they developed, from 90cm up to 2.3m.
2nd. Cetidi.
These are beings whose morphology has adapted them to aquatic life. Their planet of origin is in effect completely covered by an immense ocean. As a result of continuous growth, the dominant race produces adults of dimensions which vary from 1 to 12m, depending on age. Other less evolved races of this genematrix may reach lengths of up to 200m. It should be noted that this genematrix has a continuous evolutive scale and that therefore the various races it produces are less and less intelligent.
3rd. Sinkha.
For information on this genematrix see the entry for “Sinkha” contained in this archive.
4th. Human.
Supported by the Kehiti since prehistoric times, the genetic matrix of the earthlings has spread throughout the Contact Zone. Today, apart from the Sinkha, it is in terms of power and expansion, second only to the Kehiti, and accounts for over 30% of the staff of the great corporations. What is strange is that the humans’ planet of origin, Earth, has been completely marginalized, and remains oblivious to its real situation. To this day the planet’s inhabitants have managed to travel only to their own moon and have no idea that the planet they call Jupiter conceals a metaport. Earth’s situation is further complicated by the fact that the planet finds itself within the territory controlled by the second Corporation, which, it is noted, is composed of xenophobic Kehiti.
5th. Pneumopods.
These are atmospheric beings: their lungs other than as a breathing apparatus also function as actual balloons. Including their long ribbonlike tentacles they are about 3m in height. Their planet of origin is an enormous gaseous mass, consisting essentially of atmosphere. This genematrix which has developed and proliferated on planets whose atmosphere is rich in hydrocarbons, has constructed fantastic aerial cities, the most ancient of which have no gravital sustainers and which are an outstanding example of balloon architecture.
6th. Akxidi.
These exoskeletoned beings have evolved into three separate races each with its own form and dimensions. All feature eight limbs and a head which contains an organ for chromatic communication. Their dimensions vary from around 30 cm up to 5 m, depending on the planet’s gravity and on the race in question.
7th. Exemorphs.
These beings have developed great competence in the field of genetic engineering, a field whose secrets they jealously guard. In reality they fall within the only corporation that has no fixed ethical code on the question of genetic manipulation. For this reason they may assume the most unpredictable forms and varied dimensions. The large variation which appears in their cerebral capacity, also calibrated in function of the activity to which the individual in question is assigned even before birth, renders the dominant racial groups indistinguishable from their inferiors. To the extent that their form and dimensions is adapted to their particular function they may be considered disturbing imitations of the Sinkha.
8th. Dir-Ark.
Beings which hail from this genematrix are exoskeletoned and their height varies from 3 to 8 m, depending on the gravity of the planet where they were born. They typically have four spindly legs which extend from a horizontal abdomen from which juts an erect chest with two arms.
The above genetic matrices are described in terms of their most evolved species.
With the exception of the 3rd and the 7th , each is based on unicellular organisms and grows across a wide range of flora and fauna.




Immortal Beings at the Confines of Physics


Despite the philosophical umbilicus that links them to Arahon, the Sinkha have their own autonomous psyche, while their varying physical structure renders each suitable for a different function.
Darcron, for instance, is a Sinkha structured to be an enormous starship. Even the rigid material that forms its external body shell belongs, despite appearances, to the third biological matrix.

Entire tracts have been written on the Sinkha. Many esteemed scholars have tried to explain the reason for their immortality, speaking of how the material of which they are composed is itself formed from unusual subatomic molecules, and much else besides.
But the truth is no one knows exactly who the Sinkha are, since scientists have never had the opportunity to examine one.

Even their appearance is mysterious and deceptive; they may take the shape of humans or even spaceships. It is said that their form is rigid, that they cannot transform themselves from one state to another, but even this is by no means certain.

Even towards the humans, synthetic beings, Kehiti and other aliens who inhabit the Eyen Sphere the Sinkha maintain a stony silence.
The only thing we know for sure about the Sinkha is that they really are immortal, not only biologically but also physically, and that their powers are such that we have to acknowledge them as the real masters of the Contact Zone.