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Marco Patrito, a science-fiction author and illustrator, has published comic novels in Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, the U.S.A. and he has drawn more than 160 covers for science-fiction books.
The Sinkha Universe, created by Marco in the early ’90s, was then used as a set for a multimedia novel, which was realized completely using 3D computer graphics and then distributed on CD-Rom in Europe, U.S.A. and Japan. This novel has also been published on a special issue of the American magazine “Heavy Metal”.
With great scenes as background, a cast of extremely special characters will live through a series of adventures, all characterized by a sense of wonder.
Sinkha is entirely realized in computer graphics. No 3D scanner has been used. All the objects and characters have been invented and modeled from scratch, with only our creative skill and knowledge of anatomy to guide us. Face and body textures too have been drawn entirely without photographic aid.